Revizited is a blog created with the aim of revisiting the way data is visualized and is dedicated to exploring new and different ways to create data visualizations. The blog will also be showcasing the work I have done and will be sharing tips and techniques about data visualization.

Satish Ramakrishna

I work for SagasIT Analytics as a Sr. BI Analyst, where I help my clients understand their data through data visualizations. Previously, I worked for Infosys and USEReady, where I focused on transforming data into actionable insights to help people understand their business operations.

I am a Tableau enthusiast who loves telling stories through data. My passion is to transform data into visualizations to help people gain insights and make decisions based on their data.

I’m from India and live in Bengaluru city with my wife. Apart from work, I love traveling and enjoy reading books and playing sports.


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Satish Ramakrishna

Satish Ramakrishna