I created this data visualization during my initial days learning Tableau. It was my first Tableau viz submitted to Tableau Public. This interactive visualization is all about the internet usage patterns in different countries around the globe. You can view it at the bottom of this post or click here to view it on Tableau Public.

How much population use the internet?

The visualization shows the percentage of the population using the internet in a particular country. The country can be selected from the drop-down which says ‘Select your Target Country’. There are three doughnut charts below the country drop-down. The middle one shows the percentage of the population using the internet in the selected country. The left one shows what percentage of the internet users use internet on a daily basis. And the right one shows how many people prefer the internet to find information.

On what devices do they use it?

The second section of the visualization has four bar charts. From left to right and top to bottom, the first bar chart shows how many devices do the people use. The second chart tells on what devices do these people use the internet. The third one puts light on what activities people do especially on their smartphones. The last chart show which device is preferred for online purchases.

What can we understand from this?

Well, a lot of patterns can be found when we compare different countries. For example, compared to many developed countries, the percentage of internet users in India is very less. This clearly shows that India is an emerging market. Also compared to other countries people in India prefer more to purchase using a smartphone. This is definitely a point to consider when you are strategizing your online business in India.

Note: This visualization was created in March 2017 and is not updated. The stats and indicators are as of that time and can look different now.

The data source for this viz is Google’s website www.consumerbarometer.com.

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Last modified: November 14, 2017

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