This is my first post in the year 2018! Of course, it has to be about something important right? While being important it should also be fun. Yes, the data visualization about which I’m writing today is both important and fun. The data for this visualization was posted on Makeover Monday website as Makeover Monday week 2 data set.

What is your partner looking for in you?

Ever wondered what is your life partner looking for in you? We try to impress our partners in many different ways. We buy them gifts, go on a tour with them, spend time with them, support them in achieving their goals etc. But have we ever asked them what they are really expecting from us, or even if we ask do we get an honest answer? Many times they themselves wouldn’t know what they are looking for in us.

To understand this, data was collected around the globe from both men and women by an organization called YouGov. Each of these people was asked to rank a personality they are looking for in their romantic partner from rank 1 to 6 and the results are amazing! Want to know the results? Why not visualize it!

The Visualization

I always try to create visualizations that are simple to understand and this time it is no different. A data set like this can be visualized using simple bar charts. The visualization is embedded at the end of this article.

The first column is the nationality of the person who responded to the survey and the second column lists the characteristics they are looking for. Then there are bars showing the values. The blue (teal actually) bars represent men and the pink bars, of course, represent women. There are circles at the top with numbers from 1 to 6 and a small drop-down to filter nationality. There is a help icon hovering which gives quick instructions on how to read the visualization.

Now, how to read the visualization? It is very simple. The bars show how many (in %) people voted for the corresponding personality for the selected rank. At the beginning, the rank is 1 and once you click on a different circle it changes. For example, the initial view shows that 41% of American men said that personality is the most important (rank 1) quality their partners should have while 38% female Americans had the same opinion. If you click on rank 2, it shows that 24% men and 26% women in America voted personality as rank 2. This is how you can read the viz. Just scroll to your nationality and see how many people gave different characteristics different ranks.

In my case as an Indian, it looks like men having good looks and making good money is not a priority for Indian women. Well, it is good for me, I never bought any beauty products anyway :p

Thanks for reading and keep having fun!

Viz data source: YouGov (Makeover Monday week 2).

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Last modified: January 9, 2018

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