This data visualization was the first visualization I created for the Makeover Monday challenge. It shows what do the rich, the middle class and the poor think the secret of success is. I have used a filled radar chart to represent the percentage of people voted for a success criterion and the colors of the polygon represent the class of the people. You can view the interactive visualization at the bottom of this post or click here to view it on Tableau Public.

The Radar Chart

The Radar chart or the Polygon chart (they call it by different names) can be used to show multivariate quantitive data for multiple qualitative parameters. In this case, the qualitative parameter is the class of the people and the quantitative data is the percentage of the people voted for a success criterion.

How to read this chart?

As soon as you look at the visualization you see an octagon (8-sided polygon) in white color border and there is something happening inside it. Each edge of the octagon represents a success criterion at 100% and the filled polygons inside it show how much percentage of people have voted for them. For example, the orange polygon which represents the rich people is inclined towards ‘Hard work’ but is far from ‘Fortune & Good luck’. Similarly, the red polygon is moving towards ‘Connections to Right People’ and ‘Cunning & Cheating’ while there is almost nothing towards ‘Abilities and Talent’. This means the rich believe that hard work is the key to success while the poor say it is connections to right people. Don’t forget the blue part which represents the middle class who think good education and high qualification is what required to become successful, just like my mom :p.

What did I learn?

I wanted to try a radar chart for a long time and this data was a perfect fit. I have used a background image to represent the octagon background. This is a simple viz. There are different and better ways to create radar charts. You can check here and here for examples. I have used colors in the heading text instead of color legends. This is a very good technique to save space when your visualization is small and it has become very popular these days.

The data source for this viz is This is a Makeover Monday – week 13 dataset.

Thanks for reading!

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Last modified: November 14, 2017

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