JD Wetherspoon is a pub company in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. The company owns nearly 1000 outlets which serve food and drinks to its customers. To know more about the company click here or visit their website. The data visualization shows how the prices at the Wetherspoon outlets vary for the menu items they offer using a Dumbbell chart.

Wetherspoon outlets and their prices

Wetherspoon pubs follow a “prices may vary per pub”practice. Though they use the same base menu, the prices can be very different. Why so? There are various reasons such as rent, rates, staff demands, local competition etc.. This is the case with most of the pubs. Now, we understood the price at each Wetherspoon pub can vary but the question is how much? Let’s understand it with the help of a Dumbbell chart.

The Visualization (Dumbbell chart)

The data visualization (embedded at the bottom of this article) is a very simple viz which focusses on the price variations of the Wetherspoon outlets. The Tableau Public visualization contains multiple Dumbbell charts showing the gap between the minimum and maximum price of each menu item served across the 213 pubs. The blue circle represents the min price and the red circle represents the max price. The orange circles in between represent the median price of each item. It is interesting to see how different it is for each item. For example, the median price of Chicken Tikka is somewhat in between the min and max price but for Empire State Burger, it looks like most of the outlets are selling it at low prices.

Dumbbell chart is a great way to represent the change between two points. The name come from its appearance. Sometimes they are also known as DNA charts as they look like DNA strands. To learn how to create a Dumbbell chart in Tableau follow this article.

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Last modified: December 6, 2017

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